Phantasmal Killer—Leveling Weapons

Welcome back to Phantasmal Killer, a blog delving into weird and fun game mechanics and how you can take advantage of them to bring new ideas to life at your tabletop. In each article I look at using a game system in unexpected ways to create unique or bizarre characters to pummel your players.

Let me paint you a picture:

Delfinia only learned of her family history—the glory and the shame—when she found the sword in the attic. With its blade like poured moonlight, it was clearly a blade of kings and gods, secreted away in a miserable corner of their mud stained farmhouse. At first she railed against her father: Such a blade could only be stolen. But over a third large glass of whiskey, her father revealed the truth: The sword—called Urchel, the Wyrmcutter—was their legacy, and its first wielder—the Golden Knight Guillame, savior of the Seven Kingdoms—was her father’s father. A legacy her father turned his back on and fled to their miserable, forgotten corner of the lands her family once ruled.

Delifinia inherited her grandfather’s thirst for adventure, just as her father knew she would, and wine on the lips is sweeter than mud under the nails. Once she knew the truth, she would never be content with a hardscrabble life in a miserable little farm on the border marches. The Golden Knight had vanished when her father was still in swaddling clothes, and the young champion needed to know what became of the family legends she had only just uncovered. And so, with Urchel strapped to her hip, Delfinia set out for the wilds to find new peoples and uncover lost relics as she followed in her grandfather’s footstep. Some day, some how, she would find him and reunite their blood with the moonsilver blade to guide her.

And while raiding her first dungeon she found a +1 sword and sold Wyrmcutter for beer money.

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